“AOYAMA PRESTIGE TECHNOLOGY” new commercial with Sho Aoyagi, EXILE AKIRA and Naoki Kobayashi !

EXILE AKIRA, Naoki Kobayashi and Sho Aoyagi will appear in the new commercial!

Furthermore, DOBERMAN INFINITY’s 5th single “DO PARTY” scheduled for release on 5/10(Wed.)
has been chosen as the commercial song for Youfukuno AOYAMA’s new commercial for “AOYAMA PRESTIGE TECHNOLOGY”!

“Monotone SUMMER” will be aired from 5/5(Fri.)!
The unique worldview of this impressive commercial is presented to you through black and white scenes.
In this commercial, the 3 members in suits make various poses nimbly under summer sunlight and fully show this functional summer suit to you in a charming way.

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