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EXILE THE SECOND’s new single “Summer Lover” to be released on 6/28 (Wed.)!

EXILE THE SECOND’s new single “Summer Lover” will be released on 6/28 (Wed.)!

“In continuation of last year’s “YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!!”,
this is another song about “high summer” presented by EXILE THE SECOND.

We hope that you will enjoy the “summer J-POP” presented by EXILE THE SECOND
and feel the music of our style.

Meanwhile, we hope that this song will bring excitement to the summer of 2017!”


Their profile pictures has been updated on their pages ! 

☆Track List (tentative)
1. Summer Lover
2. Body
3. Summer Lover (Instrumental)
4. Body (Instrumental)

1. Summer Lover (Music Video)
2. Summer Lover (from EXILE THE SECOND LIVE TOUR 2016-2017 “WILD WILD WARRIORS” THE FINAL @ Makuhari Messe)
3. The Creation of Summer Lover -Documentary-
*The documentary is included only in RZC1-86360/B【CD+DVD】.

☆Product Type *3 types in total
RZCD-86358/B【CD+DVD】 \1,800 + tax

RZCD-86359【CD】 \1,000 + tax

RZC1-86360/B【CD+DVD】 \2,222 + tax

This one is an exclusive item which is only available in EX FAMILY OFFICIAL CD/DVD SHOP, LDH official mobile CD/DVD SHOP and mu-mo Shop.

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