Nonoka Yamaguchi appears in the short film “Wakare Uta”!!

Nonoka Yamaguchi will appear in the short film “Wakare Uta”!!
The short film is available for viewing from today!

Nonoka Yamaguchi plays high school girl Eriko Togami.

Go check it out♪


Aki is now a grown-up woman. When they were a 17-year-old high school students, why Kashiwara whom she liked brought a guitar on the school trip?
Those blurred memories become clear 38 years later. Through the aroma of coffee, this short film depicts a bittersweet story of their parting in their youth and reunion after becoming an adults.

Hitomi Kuroki

Mako Ishino
Toshinori Omi
Ren Komai
Seishuu Uragami
Miyako Takeuchi
Reiko Kataoka
Nonoka Yamaguchi (E-girls)
Narumi Uno
Kyohei Kanomi
Reiya Masaki
Lasalle Ishii
Hana Kino and others

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