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GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE’s new Album will be released on July 5th!

GENERATIONS’ fourth studio album,「涙を流せないピエロは太陽も月もない空を見上げた」 (Namida wo nagasenai Pierrot wa Taiyo mo Tsuki mo nai Sora wo miageta), will be released on July 5th, 2017! Mark the date!
Newest details on GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE’s new album !!

After an 8-month run on their domestic tour, GENERATIONS is ready to unleash their 4th album, 「涙を流せないピエロは太陽も月もない空を見上げた」”Namida wo nagasenai Pierrot wa Taiyo mo Tsuki mo nai Sora wo miageta” on July 5th (Wed.).

◆Hit singles and more!
Along with their 3 hit-singles, fans are finally able to get their hands on 「空」“Sora”, the theme song for Ryota Katayose’s TV Drama series and a film “Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu”.

This entire album will introduce you to a new, evolved side of GENERATIONS, including songs written by vocalists Ryota Katayose and Ryuto Kazuhara.

◆Exclusive Photo-books and Documentaries included!
Exclusive photo-books and DVD/Blu-ray discs including a 55-min documentary from their tour “GENERATIONS LIVE TOUR 2016 SPEEDSTER” that was not included in their previous LIVE DVD/Blu-ray will be included in the first batch of limited edition CD’s.

◆Full-size Music Videos Included!
Music videos of hit singles 「涙」“Namida”, “PIERROT”, 「太陽も月も」“Taiyo mo Tsuki mo”, along with music videos exclusive to the album will be included. Witness each members’ wide range of expressions and emotions!

◆Special Preview!

You can now preview a sample of each track from GENERATIONS’ new album on the Generations Japanese Official Website!

◆Track List

01. 太陽も月も

02. Togetherness


04. Make You Mine

05. 空

06. Stupid ~真っ赤なブレスレット~

07. 涙

08. Pray



11. be the ONE

12. NEXT

13. Y.M.C.A.

Stay tuned for more information..!

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