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In December 2006, in addition to leader, TAKA, YUICHIRO, the finalist of “EXILE VOCAL BATTLE AUDTION 2006~ASIAN DREAM~”, and KEISEI & RYO who entered the 3rd round, they started there activities as “COLOR”.
“BLUE~Tears from sky~”, “BLACK~A night for you~”, “WHITE~Lovers on canvas~”, 3 albums were released.

In the summer of 2009, they made a new start with the group name “DEEP” on the theme of “depth”.
In Oct. the same year, they released their debut single “Endless road” as DEEP. And in Dec. the same year, they held HALL TOUR and gave 9 performances. Besides, they held LIVE HOUSE TOUR together with HALL TOUR in the next year. In May, 2010, they finished their LIVE across 47 prefectures of Japan.

In June, 2010, they held 4 limited performances “PREMIUM LIVE “DEEP SYMPHONIC CONCERT TOUR 2010” in Japan successfully by leading the STRINGS members for the first time.
In July the same year, the double A side single “milestone / SORA~KONO KOE GA TODOKU MADE~”was released. “milestone” became the theme song of Kadokawa Pictures “LOST CRIME-SENKOU-“. “SORA~KONO KOE GA TODOKU MADE~” became the drama theme song of TBS-MBS Keiretsu national net “INU NO OMAWARI SAN”.
Besides, in December, they were in the spotlight for releasing the theme song “MIRAI ENO TOBIRA” of the drama “IRYUU Team Medical Dragon3”. In May, 2011, they finished their one man Nippon Budokan performance for the first time through “DEEP LIVE TOUR 2011 “MIRAI ENO TOBIRA” ~FINAL in Nippon Budokan~”.

They finished the 2nd time LIVE across the 47 prefectures of Japan on LIVE HOUSE TOUR started in June, 2011. “KIMI JANAI DAREKA NANTE~Tejina~” released in the Tour in October came to the third place of the Oricon Weekly Chart.

The positive ballade “Callin You” was released in January, 2012, 5 singles of DEEP came to the Oricon Weekly Chart TOP10 in succession. Besides, in Febuary, besides their single, the new album “YOUR STORY” that contains ballade, UP NUMBER, medium, R&B with various genres was released. Now, the HALL TOUR “DEEP LIVE TOUR 2012″YOUR STORY” brought by this album is being held.



2016/03/16 -『MAYDAY』
2014/12/03 -『Last Goodbye』
2014/07/16 -『Just The Way You Are』
2014/02/12 -『Yukishizuri』
2013/11/27 – 『I Promise You』
2012/12/19 -『Yokaze』
2012/08/15 -『GO』
2012/01/18 -『Callin You』
2011/12/14 -『True Love』
2011/10/05 -『KIMI JANAI DAREKA NANTE~Tejina~』
2011/02/02 -『SHIROI MAFURAA』
2010-11-24 -『MIRAI E NO TOBIRA』
2010/07/07 -『milestone / SORA~KONO KOE GA TODOKU MADE~』
2010/02/17 -『Echo ~YASASHII KOE~』
2009/10/07 -『Endless road』
2009/01/28 -『Long Distance』
2008/11/12 -『Miss you』
2008/06/18 -『Midnight call』
2008/01/23 -『KIMI NO INAI MICHI』
2007/11/28 -『AOI TORI』
2007/07/05 -『Blue Sky』
2005/12/07 -『NEIRO』
2005/08/24 -『Summer time cruisin』
2005/03/09 -『Move So Fast』
2004/12/01 -『Special love』
2004/12/01 -『FIND YOU』


2015/02/25 -『Love Light』
2013/02/13 -『DEEP BEST』
2012/02/15 -『YOUR STORY』
2011/02/16 -『LOVE STORY』
2010/03/03 -『DEEP ~brand new story~』
2009/02/04 -『WHITE~overs on canvas~』
2008/07/30 -『BLACK~A night for you~』
2008/01/23 -『BLUE~Tears from the sky~』
2005/09/21 -『RED ~Love is all around~』
2008/11/12 -『COLOR LIVE TOUR 2008 BLACK』
2008/06/18 -『COLOR LIVE TOUR 2007 BLUE』


2008/12/10 -『LOVE NATION ~winter collection~』
2008/07/23 -『Summer Freak by a-nation』
2007/12/12 -『EXILE LOVE』
2007/11/07 -『a-nation 07 BEST HIT LIVE』
2007/10/17 -『LIVE TOUR 2007 EXILE EVOLUTION』
2007/03/07 -『EXILE EVOLUTION』
2007/05/30 -『My Girl feat. COLOR』
2006/03/29 -『LIVE TOUR 2005~PERFECT LIVE”ASIA~』
2006/02/01 -『STARZ presented by rhythm zone』
2004/02/25 -『SOUL TREE~a musical tribute to toshinobu kubota~』