Real name : Shimada Zen (島田 善)
Birthday :  1993.5.13
Age : 23 years
Blood type : A
Hometown : Tokyo


Instagram | Ameblo |Youtube Channel


He begon the parkour at 15 years.
At 16 he fact training in Los Angeles and then in Denmark.
At 16 he fact a world championship and is a finalist.
In 2011 he participated in the 『Red Bull Art of Motion Yokohama 』and earns fifth place, after that it appears in several cm and the lives of EXILE TRIBE.
He worked with the MONSTER Tokyo PARKOUR Family.
In 2012 he made the EXILE TRIBE TOWER OF WISH LIVE TOUR 2012.
In 2013 he signed a contract with LDH.
In 2015 he won the 『North American Parkour Championships』 in Canada